Frequently asked questions

Do I need equipment for the workout plan?

You will need light dumbbells and a set of loop resistance bands. There is a link to purchse resistance bands under the Shop tab.

After purchasing how do I access my program?

Once you have purchsed No Waist November 2020 you can access your program by going to and logging in using the same log in you created to purchase the program. After logging in go to "My Dashboard" to access your content.

Where are my meal plans and workout videos located?

If you go to your profile you will see a drop down arrow next to your name. Click the arrow and click on "My Dashboard" to reveal your content and click on the "My Meal Plan" button.

How long will I have access to No Waist November 2021?

You will be able to access your No Waist Novemebr 2021 online training and meal program until October 2021.